CERR presented a new methodology of evaluating criteria for investment projects

CERR presented a new methodology of evaluating criteria for investment projects

March 10, 2021 was held the Second Thematic Workshop of the Infrastructure Financing and Public-Private Partnerships Network of Asia and the Pacific on the topic: “Preparing and evaluating viable and sustainable PPP infrastructure projects”.

The event is organized by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness, improve the abilities and skills of specialists from public sector enterprises to establish successful public-private partnerships.

The conference was attended by heads of ESCAP divisions, leading experts of research and analytical structures, representatives of the official members from China, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia.

During the event it was discussed the provision of technical support in the preparation of sustainable, viable and cost-effective projects. Participants were introduced to case studies that ensure the selected projects can be successfully implemented, including value for money analysis, feasibility studies and business plan development.

Uzbekistan was presented by the Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CERR) representative Deputy Director Umid Abidkhadzhayev, who acquainted the participants with the methodology for assessing the criteria for the effectiveness of investment projects implemented through centralized sources of funding.

The methodology was developed by CERR based on the Asian Development Bank (ADB) guidance on economic assessment of infrastructure projects and covers a range of issues including analysis of demand, benefits and costs, risks and resource allocation.

In his speech, Deputy Director of CERR U. Abidkhajayev noted that the assessment of the return on investment projects financed by taxpayers or external debt is relevant for most developing countries.

In this regard, President Sh. Mirziyoyev announced the creation of a new system of reporting to the public on the results of such projects, and projects implemented in the regions through external borrowing will be discussed by local Council and the public.

It is also planned to reduce external borrowing under the guarantee of the state, and more private capital will be attracted to investment and infrastructure projects. This year, on the basis of public-private partnership, it is planned to start the implementation of more than 40 large and medium-sized projects.

“The aim of today's presentation is to get constructive feedback from international experts regarding our methodology. The recommendations set out in the CERR methodology to establish a general approach to the economic analysis of investment projects funded from centralized sources of financing, including external debt at the stage of their selection, implementation and post-investment period until the full design parameters are achieved” mentioned U.Abidkhadjaev.

According to him, the purpose of developing this methodology was to ensure a correct assessment of the indicators and results of investment projects at all stages of their life cycles, to determine the attractiveness and comparison of parameters in order to select priority investment projects.

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