Center for Economic Researches and Reforms has strengthened its ranking position in the nomination of the best Research Institutions in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Center for Economic Researches and Reforms has strengthened its ranking position in the nomination of the best Research Institutions in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

The Global Go to Think Tank Index Report 2020 has been announced as the “The Top Think Tank Index”. The rating was compiled by specialists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) with the support and commission of the United Nations based on the estimations of expertise from nearly 7 thousand research centers around the world.

The rating of intellectual centers is published annually. As of 2020 report, there are 11,175 think tanks around the world.

The study is based on an expert survey of representatives including think tanks, together with almost 4,000 journalists, politicians, and experts in the field of economic and political research.

The participating centers are ranked in terms of global and regional degree of influence, as well as by their area of research.

In the main nomination for us - "The best intellectual centers in Central Asia and the Caucasus" - the Center for Economic Research and Reforms (Center) under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan took 10th place among the list of 58 Intellectual Centers.

Thus, the Center has retained its position among the Intellectual Centers in Central Asia and the best in Uzbekistan.

The top 10 leading centers in Central Asia include the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, the Caucasus Research Resource Center (Azerbaijan), the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Group, the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (Georgia), the Institute for Policy Studies (Georgia), the Institute of Economic Research (Kazakhstan), Aga Khan Foundation (Afghanistan), Armenian Center for National and International Studies, Asian Foundation (Afghanistan), Center for Economic Research and Reforms (Uzbekistan).

It should be noted that the rating considers the Intellectual Centers of Afghanistan (46), Armenia (32), Azerbaijan (20), Georgia (36), Kazakhstan (43), Kyrgyzstan (29), Tajikistan (9) and Uzbekistan (13).

In 2020, the Center introduced new tools for diagnosing the economy - “Consumer Sentiment Index”, “Business Climate Index”, “Review of Prices for Basic Products”, “Rating of Commercial Banks Activity”, which are published continually on timely manner.

As a whole, during the year, the Center published about 300 analytical materials, notes, reports, more than 160 analytical articles, when excluding reprints, translations and publications in foreign media.

According to the Ministry of Innovative Development report, there are more than 104 academic and scientific research organizations, including 65 research institutes, 31 research centers (including 14 specialized scientific and practical centers) and 8 other scientific organizations in the science sector of Uzbekistan. Furthermore, scientific researches are being carried out in 130 higher educational institutions (including their branches).

For reference: The Center for Economic Research was reformed to the Center for Economic Research and Reforms on the 20th anniversary of its establishment in October last year. Simultaneously, new goals and objectives have been set for the Center. In particular, the center proposed to implement deep analytical and practical researches to improve the governance and public administration in the economic, financial, entrepreneurial and social spheres, in terms of strategic proposals to deepen socio-economic reforms taking into account international practices that have been successfully completed in developed countries.

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