In May inflation amounted to 0.5% in Uzbekistan

In May inflation amounted to 0.5% in Uzbekistan

In May, inflation was 0.5%. Food products rose in price by 0.5%, non-food products - by 0.4%, services - by 0.7%, according to the report of the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan.

In May 2021, goods and services in the consumer market increased on average by 0.5%. Since the beginning of this year, their prices have increased by 4.6% with an average monthly value of 0.9%. In annual terms, the CPI growth reached 10.9%.

In the structure of the consolidated CPI in annual terms for May 2021, the leadership continues to be held by food products, the growth of prices for which increased this indicator by 6.0 p.p. (about 55.7% of the total impact of goods and services).

The dominance of food inflation was also characteristic of the annual rate in May 2020 and 2019.

In January-May 2021, food prices increased by 6.7%, which is 0.8 points lower than in the corresponding period of 2020, and 1.2 points lower than in January-May 2019.

Relative to December 2020, non-food products became more expensive by 2.5%, which is 0.5 points lower than in January-May last year, and 2.1 points lower than in the same period in 2019.

In May 2021, services rose in price by 0.7% over a month. This is 0.1 points lower than in May last year and 0.8 points lower than in May 2019.

The annual CPI in this group in May 2021 was 108.5%, against 113.0% in May 2020 and 112.5% in May 2019.


Among food products and nonalcoholic beverages, in May 2021, fruits and nuts are in the lead by a significant margin, which increased in price by 8.9% over the month. In addition, sugar, confectionery and
desserts (1.3%), as well as fish and other seafood (1.1%) surpassed the 1% line of price growth.

A decrease in prices was recorded for vegetables, tubers, plantains and legumes (-7.3%), as well as for fat and oil products (-0.6%).

Among the main groups of food and non alcoholic beverages, fat-and-oil products (26.1%) became the leaders in price growth in January May 2021. In addition, the top three included fruits and nuts (20.6%), as well as sugar, confectionery and desserts (6.7%).

In May 2021, sugar (2.5%), live, fresh, chilled fish (1.5%), buckwheat (1.3%), beef with bones (1.1%), lamb (0.9%), boneless beef (0.8%), milk (0.5%) rose the most significantly among the main food products
(excluding fruit and vegetable products) for the month.

A decrease in prices for the month was recorded for cottonseed (-1.5%) and sunflower (-0.2%) oils, oat (-0.3%) and semolina (-0.1%) cereals. In seven regions, there was a decrease in egg prices (in the range from -0.4% to -2.5%), in six regions - their growth (in the range of 0.6% - 1.6%).

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