Uzbekistan has improved its position in a number of international rankings

Uzbekistan has improved its position in a number of international rankings

This was discussed at a meeting of the Republican Council for Working with International Ratings and Indices, held by the Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Chairman of the Republican Council Tanzila Narbaeva.

It was noted that over the past year, Uzbekistan's positions have improved in a number of international ratings of socio-economic and political-legal spheres.

In the World Bank's Statistical Potential Index, Uzbekistan in 2020 rose by 16 positions compared to 2019 and took 61st place among 146 countries.

In the World Democracy Index in 2020, it climbed 2 positions and took 155th place out of 167 countries.

In the Global Innovation Index, Uzbekistan, gaining 24.54 points out of 100, improved its position by 29 points compared to 2015 and took 93rd place among 131 countries and 4th place among Central Asian countries.

In the World Bank's Women, Business and the Law Index, Uzbekistan, having risen by 5 positions with 70.6 points, entered the list of 27 states that have implemented important reforms in the field of women's rights and gender equality and took 134th place among 190 countries (in 2019 - 139th).

At the same time, during the meeting a "Roadmap" of development and a plan of additional measures adopted. It aims to further improve the country's position in structural indicators of international ratings and indices.

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