About 20 documents were signed at the Uzbek-Kyrgyz forum

About 20 documents were signed at the Uzbek-Kyrgyz forum

The first meeting of the Uzbek-Kyrgyz Business Forum and Business Council has ended

The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov, who chaired the conference, noted that trade and economic cooperation between the business circles of the two countries has significantly intensified in recent years. He also stressed the need to continue working to establish inter-regional cooperation, improve industrial cooperation and create favorable conditions for mutual trade in goods and services.

Representatives of relevant ministries and agencies presented special presentations to acquaint guests with the economic potential of Uzbekistan.

During the forum, entrepreneurs from more than 20 industries presented their products and services to partners interested in cooperation and exchanged views on the advantages and priorities of their activities.

At the end of the Business Forum and the meeting of the Business Council, intensive talks were held between entrepreneurs operating in more than 10 areas of agriculture, construction, tourism, logistics, services and textiles. a number of cooperation agreements were signed.

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