"Week of Open Dialogue" with Entrepreneurs

In preparation for the open dialogue of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan with entrepreneurs, the "Week of Dialogue with Entrepreneurs" is being held on August 17 and 18, 2022.

The focus is on the topics of improving the energy sector, financing and lending to businesses, the activities of government agencies and their intervention in the economy, the issuance of permits, licenses and certificates.

Nine panel sessions are divided into the main areas of private sector development in Uzbekistan. Among them, issues of support for foreign and local entrepreneurs, granting them benefits and preferences, privatization and protection of the inviolability of private property, development of agriculture, tax and customs duties, public procurement and the stock market.

During the panel sessions, business representatives discussed topics related to:

  • Support for foreign investors, local entrepreneurs and businessmen, providing them with benefits, subsidies and preferences, as well as support for startups and innovative ideas
  • Privatization, separation of buildings, protection of the inviolability of private property
  • Agricultural development
  • Tax system, customs, tariff and non-tariff measures, as well as the country's integration into international structures
  • Public procurement, stock market and further acceleration of digitalization processes in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Further development of the business environment in the regions through the improvement of energy, infrastructure, construction and engineering communications
  • Financing, business lending as well as the opening, insurance of a new business, the allocation of appropriate leases and the fight against monopoly

The heads of ministries and departments in their speeches revealed the scale of the work carried out in terms of practical assistance in the implementation of startups and innovative ideas when starting a business, state support for entrepreneurs by providing subsidies, measures to improve the investment climate and other areas.

In turn, entrepreneurs from all regions of the country take part both online and offline, receiving answers to the most exciting questions from representatives of government agencies responsible for government and private sector communications.

The dialogue brought together heads of ministries and departments, experts and business representatives around the most pressing issues of interest to business people.

For example, today business representatives spoke about the need to optimize the procedure and reduce the time for receiving subsidies;

- creation of an online platform for business, through which all the necessary information will be presented in the entrepreneurship support system;

- increasing access to long-term and competitive financing;

- providing infrastructure for small industrial zones;

- support of small enterprises.

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