Infographics: Uzbekistan in the Logistics Performance Index 2016-2018

Infographics: Uzbekistan in the Logistics Performance Index 2016-2018

Uzbekistan, which is far from international sea routes, transportation costs are becoming an important factor in the competitiveness of the economy.

The country also needs to provide conditions for increasing the transport mobility of the population, stimulate the constant renewal of rolling stock, expand the geography of flights and improve transport infrastructure.

Logistics efficiency index

The Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is published by the World Bank every two years

The report measures competitiveness using 6 components that define the Logistics Performance Index, 160 countries are assessed and the score ranges between 1 and 5. The index is based on a survey. Each respondent assesses eight overseas markets on six main components of logistics efficiency:

- the efficiency of customs and border clearance;

- quality of trade and transport infrastructure;

- ease of organizing international transport at competitive prices;

- quality and competence of logistics services;

- tracking the passage of goods;

- timeliness of cargo deliveries.

Uzbekistan ranked 99th in the world in the 2018 report, improving its performance by 19 positions compared to the previous 2016 report. Uzbekistan scored 2.58 points (out of 5), while the world leader (Germany) scored 4.2 points..

  • The weakest components of Uzbekistan are customs (140th) and international transport (120th).
  • Uzbekistan dropped 26 positions in the Efficiency of customs and border clearance component.

In recent years, Uzbekistan has paid great attention to the development of transport infrastructure, including further improvement and increasing the competitiveness of the road transport system.

Spatial communication of all regions of the country has been ensured, systemic reforms are being carried out in the field of passenger and freight transport, including improving road safety and convenience in accordance with international standards.

This large-scale work is generally recognized international rating of the World Bank.

Selection of rating positions

Currently, the ratings are an objective barometer of the progress and effectiveness of the reforms. Moreover, international rankings stimulate a spirit of competition among countries to improve performance.

The international ratings and indices prove once again that institutional development affects the economic well-being of the country and its citizens, moreover the development of innovations can positively affect the political and legal aspects of the country's life.

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