The new era of tax authorities: through a pandemic to digitalization of tax administration

The new era of tax authorities: through a pandemic to digitalization of tax administration

Priorities are the same

Sherzod Davlatovich, international experts assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy in 2020 differently, but almost everyone notes negative trends. A year ago, when you took office as chairman of the State Tax Committee and faced an unfamiliar enemy - the spread of coronavirus infection and the accompanying extreme circumstances, what tasks did you set for yourself and what have you already managed to accomplish over the past time?

– The pandemic taught three things. The human potential is limitless, the solution to all complex problems must be sought from below. If favorable conditions are created for the payment of taxes, people can be taught to pay taxes on time without being forced.

I confess that after my appointment I faced new challenges. Yes, in many ways these are the consequences of the sudden coronavirus pandemic, due to which economies have stopped and the struggle of humanity for survival has literally begun. At the same time, today the country understands how much the initiatives of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the timely decisions made by him aimed at supporting business, meant a lot. Prompt measures helped to preserve the tax base.

All resources have been mobilized and each step is focused on solving emerging problems, while the tax authorities have become the main support and assistant for taxpayers.

Needless to say, the tasks of the State tax authorities are determined by the current tax legislation and the current state policy, a long-term strategy to ensure the sustainability of the State budget of Uzbekistan. The process of digitalization of tax administration was promptly activated.

Simplified and remote tax calculation, affordable remote tax payment, prompt and high-quality feedback through digital communication channels have become our priorities.

How to do it into life on a tight schedule? Is it possible not to give up positions at a turning point and fulfill the assigned functions - to ensure the stability of receipts to the State budget? There are many questions. The answers were formed gradually and each time we felt a responsibility - we should not succumb to challenges, and our task is to strictly follow the basic principle “Tax service is an assistant to an entrepreneur”.

How much we are doing can be estimated by the numbers. Special attention was paid to improve the quality of tax administration, as a result of which 95% of taxes were paid voluntarily. 406 thousand legal entities and 322 thousand individual entrepreneurs did not stop their activities.

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