Uzcharmsanoat plans to increase exports of finished products to $420 million in 2021

Uzcharmsanoat plans to increase exports of finished products to $420 million in 2021
Only $15.7 million was invested in the leather, footwear and fur sectors in 2016, bringing the figure to $187.6 million in 2020, despite a coronavirus pandemic.

In recent years, the volume of production of finished leather shoes, leather goods, fur and astrakhan leather, wool products based on raw materials of local enterprises has increased significantly. The quality and variety of our national leather shoes and fur products have increased. According to the results of last year, the enterprises of the sector produced goods worth 3 trillion 647 billion soums, and compared to 2016, the growth rate exceeded 8 times.

Uzbekistan has enough raw materials. Only earlier it been left behind to process it. In order to fill this gap, in recent years, the system enterprises have been equipped with the best equipment manufactured by leading companies in industrialized countries such as Italy, Germany, Turkey, China. Particular attention was paid to the involvement of local businesses in the process of deep processing of raw materials.

—Today, we have a number of priorities, such as ensuring localization, the rapid development of domestic and intersectoral cooperation, improving product quality, said Deputy Chairman of the Association "Uzcharmsanoat" Akbar Sultanov.

Leather shoes and fur products made in Uzbekistan have already found buyers in the markets of more than 30 countries. Aimod, Aysaf, China International Export & Import, APLF Leather & Materials, MICAM Milano International Footwear Exhibition, Linipelli, Pure London, which are held annually in foreign countries together with the enterprises of the Association.

The work carried out in the field serves to provide the population with cheap, high-quality, modern and beautiful footwear and leather goods.

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