FAO built and donated 14 greenhouses for rural people of Kashkadarya region

FAO built and donated 14 greenhouses for rural people of Kashkadarya region

The rural people of Kamashi district of Kashkadarya region now have new opportunities to increase their livelihoods by increasing crop production in their bakyards. The FAO Representation in Uzbekistan donated 14 small greenhouses to the owners of households in the district. The support was provided within the framework of the FAO/GEF CACILM-2 project (Integrated Natural Resources Management in Drought-prone and Salt-affected Agricultural Production Systems in Central Asia and Turkey) as part of the socio-economic response to the global crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

"Making this decision, we sought to meet the challenge of preserving rural households' means of agricultural production and self - sufficiency in food during the pandemic and lockdown, as well as providing them with opportunities for further development after the end of the most difficult situation for the whole world caused by coronavirus", - said Mahmud Shaumarov, Regional Coordinator of the project.

In 2020, in order to support the rural population, which faced certain difficulties during the lockdown period, FAO donated 31 water pumps, 10 two wheel tractors, as well as 30,000 vegetable seedlings and almost 11 tons of mineral fertilizers to rural people of Bukhara and Kashkadarya provinces. Currently the CACILM-2 project continues to provide assistance to rural people and contribute to ensuring food security.

The signing of “Handing over Certificate” for small greenhouses took place in the premises of khokimiyat of Kamashi district. According to the document, new small greenhouses were installed in "Sarkash", "Badakhshon" and "Loyqasoy" mahallas and are ready for cultivation of different agricultural crops.

«Low-income families supported by FAO were selected on the basis of list “Temir daftar” of citizens who were unemployed during lockdown and are needed for social protection. Thanks to FAO project, our district have been achieved several results. We will continue our effective cooperation in order to provide job opportunities and increase livelihoods of rural people living in the most remoted areas for improving their living standards» - Batyr Togaev, khokim of Kamashi district of Kashkadarya province noted.

Afterwards a team consists of representatives of khokimiyat and FAO went to check the proper installation of new small greenhouses and to talk with beneficiaries.

«The small greenhouse is modern and comfortable. We will grow various spicy herbs, coriander, garlic, cucumber and tomato. We do hope to work and earn income all around the year. I believe there would be possibility to make an additional profit of 10-15 million soums if we try our best. I and my family are very happy and grateful. This is such a big support in current pandemic situation for us» - Muzaffar Jovkiev, the owner of one of the new small greenhouses said.

The handover ceremony for another 20 new greenhouses by FAO Representation in Uzbekistan will take place soon in Bukhara district of Bukhara province.

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