Uzbekistan is preparing to adopt a five-year partnership program with the World Bank

Uzbekistan is preparing to adopt a five-year partnership program with the World Bank

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and the World Bank delegation agreed to prepare a new five-year partnership program.

The previous partnership strategy between Uzbekistan and the WB was in effect from 2016 to 2020.

Earlier, the Economic Review reported about the commenced public consultations in the preparation of a new five-year partnership program between the WB and Uzbekistan.

With the full support of the Bank, Uzbekistan continues to implement the program of market transformations and social reforms.

A "road map" is being implemented with a set of specific measures to promote projects with the participation of the World Bank Group, the "Country Platform" system has been introduced.

The total portfolio of projects reaches $7 billion.

The current program includes 23 ongoing projects worth $4.1 billion, covering such priority areas as education, health, energy, water supply, agriculture, transport and many other areas.

During this visit, agreements were signed on the implementation of projects to improve the water supply system and support the national innovation policy in the amount of about $300 million.

At the meeting, an agreement was reached on the thorough preparation and adoption of a new five-year Partnership Program of Uzbekistan with the World Bank.

“Uzbekistan has done a lot of work in a short historical period.

The reforms have changed the country fundamentally, both internally and externally. Thanks to this, today your country is attractive for foreign investors”, emphasized by Vice President Anna Bjerde.

The new agenda proposed by the President of Uzbekistan for the further expansion of multifaceted cooperation with the World Bank was fully supported.

In particular, it included the following specific areas of partnership:

  • supporting reforms aimed at reducing poverty in the country;
  • improving the efficiency of transformations in the field of higher education and health care;
  • implementation of the accelerated programs for industrialization of regions;
  • introduction of the "green economy";
  • reforms in the field of land relations;
  • fight against corruption;
  • promotion of large regional infrastructure projects.

By the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached on the continuation of constant contacts and fruitful exchanges to maintain strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and the World Bank.

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