In accordance with the CERR survey, the business climate of Uzbekistan in January showed a slight decline

In accordance with the CERR survey, the business climate of Uzbekistan in January showed a slight decline

The Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CERR) has been conducting a series of monthly surveys among enterprises across the country.

More than 1000 companies participated in the survey in two directions: qualitative assessment of the current state of the business and the expectations of entrepreneurs regarding the prospects for the development of their business for the next three months.

The sampling methodology is an industry stratified random sample according to the World Bank's Enterprise Surveys methodology.

In January this year, the composite business climate indicator was 59 points (-100 to +100), which assesses the state of the business environment in the country as positive.

Compared to December of last year, the consolidated business climate indicator decreased by 3 points slightly.

This trend is explained by the expected cyclical fluctuations in the sectors of the domestic economy, which, based on a positive assessment of the current state and expectations of entrepreneurs, will experience accelerated development in the next 3 months.

In terms of industries, the business climate indicator was as follows:

  • 73 points in construction;
  • in industry 58 points;
  • in the field of agriculture 58 points;
  • in the service sector 58 points.

Changes in the summary indicator of the business climate are associated with adjustments to the following components of the indicator:

The indicator of the current state of business in comparison with the same period of last year increased by 10 points and accounted for 43 points, which indicates positive mood of entrepreneurs regarding the current state of their business.

The proportion of respondents reporting their current business status as good was 47 percent. When asked how the business situation has changed in the last 3 months, 44% of entrepreneurs answered - improved, 45% - did not change and 12% - worsened.

The demand for goods/services improved in 53% of enterprises, while the number of employees increased in 27% of enterprises.

83% entrepreneurs believe that their business prospects will improve. Demand for goods and services is expected to improve for 78% of businesses and the number of employees is expected to increase for 76%.

31% of entrepreneurs expect an increase in prices for goods / services in the next 3 months, 39% believe that prices will not change, and 5% - they will decrease. 25% of respondents do not know how prices for their goods/services will change in the near future.

In the context of industries, the breakdown of the expectation indicator showed the following dynamics:

agriculture - 75 points;

industry - 75 points;

construction - 84 points;

services - 76 points.

Among all respondents, 40% stated that there were no obstacles in the development of their entrepreneurial activities.

Access to finance (20%) is one of the main problems for entrepreneurs. This is followed by access to land (11%), high tax rates (10%), high prices and lack of raw materials (5%), electricity supply (4%), pandemic impact (4%) and tax administration (4%).

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