9500 khokim assistants will be engaged in diagnostics of mahalla in Uzbekistan

9500 khokim assistants will be engaged in diagnostics of mahalla in Uzbekistan

On December 29, the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction held a republican meeting on the activities of assistant khakims on entrepreneurship development, employment and poverty reduction in mahalla.

The mahallabay system of work introduced by the President of our country is an effective mechanism for the integrated socio-economic development of regions, support for entrepreneurship, employment and solving existing problems in mahallas. To bring it to a new level, only in December one decree and two resolutions of the head of state were adopted on the introduction of the post of “assistant of khakim” in mahallas.

To properly establish this system, a republican commission was created, working groups of 3 people were attached to each region (42 in total), at least one republican representative was attached to districts (cities) (299 people). Also, for vertical coordination and control over the work of the assistants of the khakims, the Mahallabay Work and Entrepreneurship Development Agency, its territorial administrations and mahallabay work centers in districts and cities have been organized.

Based on the adopted documents, seminars for republican representatives and assistants of khakims were held during December.

The main purpose of the meeting is to determine the upcoming tasks for the correct and effective establishment of the activities of khakim assistants, in particular, to discuss how to organize work in the first quarter of 2022.

The participants were explained the main goals of organizing the activities of the khakim assistants – bringing state policy to the level of mahallas, ensuring employment of the population, increasing its income, developing entrepreneurship and reducing poverty. On the way to achieving them, there are tasks common to all assistants:

first: to conduct a full examination of the attached mahalla, double-check all apartments and houses from door to door and make a diagnosis of the mahalla from a socio-economic point of view;

second: to make friends with successful entrepreneurs and activists of the mahalla and constantly exchange ideas with them;

third: to do the work in stages, that is, to correctly prioritize by months, quarters and years;

fourth: to show results in the first 3 months in the mahalla in order to increase public confidence in the new system. First of all, these are quick-to-implement projects (for example, the creation of greenhouses in 3-4 households, the employment of 4-5 citizens through vocational training, the allocation of subsidies to 3-4 citizens for self-employment, etc.). Otherwise, confidence in them will decrease;

fifth: to constantly acquaint others with the most successful experience of khakim assistants.

At the meeting, the main tasks of the khokims' assistants were considered, such as studying the socio-economic situation in the mahalla, assistance in training young people and women in professions and entrepreneurship, assistance in obtaining loans under subsidy and family entrepreneurship programs, obtaining preferential loans for leading entrepreneurs, including the unemployed, especially young people and women, in the "Iron Notebook", "Women's Notebook" and "Youth Notebook", attracting the unemployed population to paid public works and organizing the effective use of household plots.

The issue of the effective organization of the activities of 9500 assistants of khakims at the republican level was discussed. It was also noted that for the convenience of citizens, a platform with information about their work is being formed, through which compatriots will be able to directly contact khakim assistants to solve existing problems.

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