30th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence was celebrated in Great Britain

30th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence was celebrated in Great Britain

On September 7-10, 2021, a delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan headed by First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Rector of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED), Sodiq Safoev, Director of the Center of Economic Research and Reforms, Obid Khakimov, Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, Elena Borisova visited the UK.

During the visit, representatives of Uzbekistan held a number of negotiations and meetings in London.

In particular, on September 9, 2021, in the building of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, together with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with Uzbekistan (APPG) and the organization "Conservative Friends of Eurasia", a round table was organized with the participation of over 50 representatives of both houses of parliament, government, academic and public, expert and business circles, the British media and of some diplomatic corps.

The Uzbek delegation made a presentation on the progress of reforms in the country and the achievements of the republic over 30 years of independence. The vision of the Uzbek side on the development of bilateral relations is presented.

As part of the event, the European community was shown how the economy of Uzbekistan over the years of independence has turned from an import-substituting agrarian-industrial into an export-oriented industrial-agrarian country.

The Uzbek side noted that in September 2016 Uzbekistan entered a new period of its development. Emphasis was placed on economic reforms, a policy of open diplomacy and good neighborly relations.

British parliamentarians welcomed the achievements of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the socio-economic and socio-political spheres. They highly appreciated the efforts undertaken under the leadership of President Sh. M. Mirziyoyev to strengthen peace and stability in Central Asia.

During the discussion, British speakers expressed their unequivocal high assessment of the achievements of Uzbekistan over the past 5 years.

Lord Peter Lilly, a member of the House of Lords and President of the Conservative Friends of Eurasia congratulated Uzbek people on this significant date. He stressed that he is a direct witness to the large-scale transformations carried out in the country in recent years. According to him, the country is confidently going through the process of deep and positive reforms, political and economic liberalization. Lilly recognized the key role of Uzbekistan in strengthening stability and ensuring the development of the Central Asian region.

Andrew Bridgen, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with Uzbekistan (APPG), noted a rich ethno-cultural diversity of Uzbek people and their inherent tolerance. E. Bridgen said that Uzbekistan is viewed as a reliable friend and promising trade partner of Great Britain.

Member of the House of Lords Baroness, Alison Sutti, said that during her visit to Uzbekistan, she was able to verify the rapid and widespread modernization of the country. A. Satti highly appreciated the cooperation between the legislative bodies of the two countries, in particular in the field of improving the parliamentary system in Uzbekistan

Lord Muhammad Sheikh expressed his strong support for the course of reforms in Uzbekistan, which also contribute to strengthening cooperation between the two countries. At the same time, he noted the presence of great potential for the development of interaction in the fields of investment, green energy, education, healthcare, finance and tourism.

The Honorary President of the OSCE PA, Lord Peter Bownes, welcomed the active participation in the activities of this organization. The politician said that the invitation sent in advance by the Uzbek side to the OSCE PA delegation to take part in the monitoring of the presidential elections in October was met with great approval.

Conservative MP Bob Blackman noted that Uzbekistan was the first country in the region to sign a partnership and cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom, creating a solid legal basis for strengthening comprehensive cooperation. At the same time, he stressed the importance of developing cooperation in the field of education and strengthening human capacity.

The former Chairman of the British Olympic Committee warmly congratulated Uzbek people with the amazing results at the Olympic Games. “It took Great Britain about 100 years to assemble a team and win the first gold medal, while Uzbekistan won 3 medals at this Olympiad”.

Lord Francis Moud, the former Minister of International Trade, said that reforms in Uzbekistan were creating new opportunities for trade and economic cooperation, adding that British business "should not miss the opportunity to take its place in the Uzbek market".

In general, the exchanges showed interest in strengthening bilateral political dialogue, economic cooperation, development of cultural and humanitarian ties, as well as expanding inter-parliamentary cooperation. The meetings also provided an opportunity to exchange views and assess key issues of regional and international significance.

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