CERR and JVI agreed to develop cooperation

CERR and JVI agreed to develop cooperation

On September 22, 2023, the head of the Training Center of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Director of the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI), Herve Joly, visited the Center for Economic Research and Reform (CERR).

JVI was established in 1992 by the Austrian government departments (the Ministry of Finance and the Austrian National Bank), the IMF and a number of other international organizations. The IMF Regional Training Center is designed primarily for civil servants from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

JVI offers courses, seminars and workshops on the development and management of macroeconomic policy; monetary policy and exchange rate system; financial sector stability; debt sustainability and management; tax policy and income administration; expenditure management; financial institutions and public administration; legislative framework; macroeconomic and financial statistics and other specialized topics.

CERR Director Obid Khakimov highly appreciated JVI's assistance in developing bilateral ties, as well as regular professional development of employees and expanding the scope of their participation.

Currently, the CERR employees are improving their knowledge in more than 10 training courses and about 25 online courses organized in JVI. It is also planned that CERR employees will take part in the training course "Financial Programming and Policy" (FPP), which will be held in Uzbekistan in September 2023.

As Herve Joly noted, the principles of cooperation and partnership are at the heart of learning in JVI. Training programs should meet the needs of the host party as much as possible.

The IMF courses will provide a broad introduction to the management of the macroeconomic and financial sectors, and some of them will focus on specific topics.

All courses are based on the own experience of Austria and other EU countries, and attract many practitioners, including an important component of mutual learning.

It was also noted that CERR is ready to establish cooperation in the field of management and modeling of economic policy in cooperation with the Regional Center for the Development of the Potential of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia of the IMF (CCAMTAC), which is located in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

During the meeting, Herve Joly said that CERR employees will be given the opportunity to directly participate in all JVI online courses and freely use the institute's rich information and resource bases.

The Director of the CERR expressed gratitude for the conditions created for employees at JVI, for their regular participation in training courses on economics, finance, international trade, modeling and taxation, as well as for cooperation and assistance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, it was noted that in the future, based on the tasks and areas of work of the CERR, the most relevant areas for the economy of Uzbekistan will be: Financial markets, Energy efficiency, Labor productivity, Water, land, capital productivity in agriculture. At the same time, proposals were made to include these topics in training courses.

The parties also agreed in the future to plan in advance the training of researchers at training courses and to form a list of courses that have a high priority.

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