Infographics: Trade of Uzbekistan with South Asian Countries

Infographics: Trade of Uzbekistan with South Asian Countries

The infographics which prepared by Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CERR) presents the main changes in trade between Uzbekistan and South Asian countries over the past years.

Uzbekistan's trade with South Asian countries has grown by 35% during the four years.

Uzbekistan’s trade volume with South Asian countries in 2020 was $1.38 billion or 3.8% of the total foreign trade.

In the commodity turnover of Uzbekistan with the countries of South Asia, the largest volume goes to Afghanistan (56.2%), India (32%) and Pakistan (8.9%). Trade with the Maldives and Nepal is insignificant, while there is practically no trade with Bhutan.

Uzbekistan’s exports to Afghanistan make the main share (99.7%) of Central Asia’s trade with Afghanistan, which makes Afghanistan a profitable trade and economic partner. The main share of Uzbekistan's exports to Afghanistan is electricity (30% of exports), wheat flour and legumes (24.1%), as well as metallurgical products.

India ranks second in terms of Uzbekistan’s trade with South Asian countries. At the same time, Uzbekistan’s export volumes lag significantly behind imports, which mainly consist of pharmaceutical products in demand in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan’s exports to India mainly consist of textile products (13.6% share), base metals (8.4%), food products (5.8%), etc.

Uzbekistan’s imports from India are growing mainly due to the growth of purchases of “pharmaceutical products,” which is 47% of the total share.

In recent years, trade and economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and Pakistan have begun to develop actively and the volume of exports of finished and agricultural goods has increased.

In the structure of Uzbekistan's exports to Pakistan, food products make up 81%, textile products 10.5%, services 3.5%.

The breakdown of imports from Pakistan: pharmaceutical products 37%, food products (potatoes, citrus fruits, rice, etc.) 36%, transport services 10%, chemical products 4.5%.

Furthermore, Uzbekistan is interested in expanding cooperation with Pakistan in the transport sector and joint implementation of the above project for the construction of the Mazar-i-Sharif–Kabul–Peshawar railway line.

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