Infographics: Foreign trade of Uzbekistan in February 2021

Infographics: Foreign trade of Uzbekistan in February 2021

At the end of January-February 2021, the republic's foreign trade turnover reached USD 4,519.7 million, which compared to the same period in 2020, decreased by USD 1,411.7 million (a 23.8% decrease)

Total volume of FTT exports amounted to $1,494.6 million (a 43.2% decrease was noted against January-February 2020), and imports - $3,025.1 million (a decrease of 8.3% ). As a result, the balance of foreign trade turnover amounted to a passive balance in the amount of $1,530.5 million.

Among the 20 large partner countries in foreign economic activity, there is also an active foreign trade balance with six countries, in particular with such countries like Afghanistan ($107.3 million ), Kyrgyzstan ($64.0 million), Tajikistan ($45,7 million), Canada ($41.9 million), Turkey ($26.1 million) and Iran ($6.9 million). The remaining 14 countries maintain a passive balance of foreign trade turnover.

Today Uzbekistan carries out trade relations with almost 119 countries of the world. The largest volume of foreign trade turnover was recorded with the PRC (20.1%), the Russian Federation (18.7%), Kazakhstan (13.0%), Turkey (8.9%), the Republic of Korea (3.9%), Kyrgyzstan ( 2.6%) and Afghanistan (2.4%).

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