What has changed in the car market in Uzbekistan?

What has changed in the car market in Uzbekistan?

The Center for Economic Research and Reforms conducts a monthly analysis of the situation in the Uzbek car market.

According to the results of February, the total sales of all vehicles in Uzbekistan exceeded 115 thousand. In general, the car market decreased by 6.3% over the year.

In February, 109.7 thousand passenger cars were sold. At the same time, in annual terms, the car market of passenger cars decreased by 5.6%.

Primary car market

As for the situation in the primary passenger car market, sales here have noticeably declined over the month and amounted to just over 26 thousand cars. Compared to last year, the primary car market of passenger cars grew by 8.4%.

At the same time, 23.5 thousand passenger cars of domestic production were sold during the month, which is 7.7% more than in February last year.

The segment of passenger cars

The foreign car market grew by 15.6% over the year. By the end of February, sales of new foreign-made passenger cars amounted to 2.7 thousand cars.

Electric car market

Despite a slight decrease in interest in electric vehicles, which began at the beginning of the year, sales of new passenger electric cars increased 3 times over the year.

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