Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022 - 2026: agriculture

Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022 - 2026: agriculture

It is envisaged in the strategy to bring the annual growth rate of agriculture through intensive development to at least 5 percent and at least double the incomes of those employed in this sector. This is planned to be achieved by specializing regions in growing a particular type of product, expanding the scale of state support, and implementing new insurance mechanisms in agriculture.

200,000 hectares of cotton and grain areas will be reduced and given to the population for long-term lease on the basis of an open competition.

A total of 464,000 hectares of new as well as land withdrawn from circulation will be allocated to clusters on the basis of an open competition.

It is planned to increase the area of intensive gardens by 3 times and greenhouses by 2 times, increase the export potential by an additional 1 billion US dollars, provide agro-industrial enterprises with raw materials and increase their production by 1.5 times, expansion of the fodder base of animal husbandry and an increase in meat production by 1.5–2 times. Much attention is being paid to improving the system of agricultural services, the development of agro-logistics centers and increasing the number of modern laboratories. It is planned to implement a national program for seed production and seedling cultivation. The International Agricultural University will be created jointly with prestigious international scientific centers and universities.

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