Development strategy: an important guarantee of the implementation of the principle of "for human dignity" (+videо)

Development strategy: an important guarantee of the implementation of the principle of

The Development Strategy of "New Uzbekistan" for 2022-2026 provides for the implementation of the noble idea that reforms are primarily for people. The goal of the first priority of the "Development Strategy" for the next 5 years is to increase the share of e-government services from the current 54% to 100%.

This will put an end to unnecessary procedures. It will create convenience for citizens, and also it is planned to establish a systematic study of public opinion on a regular and scientific basis.

One of the officials of the institute, Obid Khakimov, director of the Center for Economic Research and Reforms, spoke about the tasks of the institute in the program "Tahlilnoma" on the TV channel "Uzbekistan24".

“The problems that concern society, how the consciousness of people is changing, are our most important issues,” he said. Now we need an institution that constantly researches and finds answers and solutions to these questions and establishes a permanent link in shaping public policy.

The head of our state spoke about this at an enlarged meeting, and work has already begun. For the first time in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Sociology will be created based on the study of public opinion. This institute will study how reforms make an impression on people and how people are satisfied with them.

In the next 5 years, based on these calculations the main goal is to increase the country's GDP by 100 billion dollars and increase the GDP per capita to $ 2,800, ”said the director of the center.

Obid Khakimov explained the reasons for the increase in GDP:

“In every developing economy, the biggest and fastest growing part of labor productivity that drives that economy is industry. In industry, labor productivity is the fastest growing and changing sector. Over the next 5 years, our main goal is to increase the production of industrial products by 1.4 times through the development of industries that are part of the overall industrial sector.

How will these figures be achieved?

"Textile clusters are an area that has given a big boost to industrial production. By applying the cluster system to similar copper processing, it is planned to create industrial clusters by 2026 that will produce $ 8 billion worth of copper products. For example, Uzbekistan has one of the largest copper reserves in the world. “By processing and refining these copper reserves and organizing their production in the value added chain, we have a plan make big changes in the copper industry,” Khakimov said.

The new Development Strategy of Uzbekistan for 2022-2026 is aimed at glorifying human dignity. This will take our country’s development to a new level.

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