Another 0.2% deflation was recorded in July

Another 0.2% deflation was recorded in July

Food prices fell by 0.9%, non-food prices rose by 0.5% and services by 0.2%.

This was reported by the State Statistics Committee.

In July 2021, goods and services in the consumer market on average became cheaper by 0.2%, which is
largely due to the seasonal factor.

Since the beginning of this year, the increase in prices in the consumer sector amounted to 4.2% with an
average monthly value of 0.6%. In annual terms, the CPI growth reached 11.1%.

FOR COMPARISON: in July 2020, goods and services became cheaper by 0.3% on average per month, in
July 2019 - by 0.4%. In January-July 2020, the consolidated CPI grew by 4.3% with an average monthly
value of 0.6%, in the same period of 2019 - 5.2% with an average monthly value of 0.7%.
The annual consolidated CPI in July 2020 reached 14.4%, in July 2019 - 13.5%

In general, in the first seven months of 2021, food prices increased by 4.7%, which is 0.2 points lower than in the corresponding period of 2020, and 0.1 points higher than in January-July 2019.

The seasonal decline in prices for fruits and vegetables and dairy products, as well as for eggs, significantly affected the short-term CPI for July 2021 in the section “Food and non-alcoholic beverages”. Fruits
and nuts became cheaper over the month by 7.0%, vegetables, tubers, plantains and legumes - by 4.2%, dairy products and eggs - by 0.6%. The most significant rise in prices for meat products (1.2%).

The top three in terms of price growth in January-July 2021 included fat and oil products
(1.2 times), fruits and nuts (7.9%), sugar, confectionery and desserts (7.3%).

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