CERR: Comprehensive and balanced development of the regions - an important component of sustainable development of the national economy

CERR: Comprehensive and balanced development of the regions - an important component of sustainable development of the national economy

During the Speech, the President noted in details about the results of reforms implemented in recent years in the field of regional development and future tasks in this direction.

Ensuring the integrated and balanced development of the regions is an important task of sustainable growth of the national economy. In recent years, drastic measures have been taken and large-scale programs have been implemented aimed at the active development of small towns and urban-type villages, the creation of new industrial plants and small industrial zones in their territory.

Meanwhile, sustainable, balanced regional development is impossible without carefully designed plans for creating and modernizing their resource base, identifying points of economic growth, and creating a developed and modern infrastructure. In this direction, the President announced the implementation of a number of measures, including the creation of a 3 trillion soum regional infrastructure development fund, 100 technoparks, small industrial zones, regional clusters in 84 districts and cities next year. In addition, 1,6 trillion soums will be allocated to provide the FEZ and SIZ with the necessary infrastructure in 2021. In 2021, a Program for the step-by-step repair of 130 thousand km of low-voltage power lines and more than 40 thousand transformers in the regions will be approved. In addition, the development of the tourism industry is important for the economy of Uzbekistan. However, without a developed touristic infrastructure, creating all the required conveniences for the foreign guests the dynamic increase in the tourist flow is impossible. In this regard 1 trillion soums will be allocated for improvement of territories, water and road infrastructure around tourist sites from the budget in 2021.

The creation of an efficient, modern transport and energy infrastructure is one of the most important factors in the successful development of the economy of both regional and countrywide development. The President, in terms of the regional agenda, separately dwelted on further tasks in these areas. In particular, it was stated about the need to create an interconnected transport network between large cities and remote villages. At present, when it comes to the creation of modern transport communications, the fact that the state can not rely only on limited resources, puts on the agenda the need to more actively involve the private sector in this area with more effective governance than government agencies. In this regard, next year a number of regional airports will be transferred to trust management on the basis of public-private partnership.

Improvement of places of residence and creation of comfortable conditions for a dignified life for people in every village and makhalla is one of the priority tasks of the state. In this direction, significant results were achieved within the framework of the implementation of the programs "Obod kishlok" and "Obod mahalla", which was also noted by the President during the Address. The implementation of the programs made it possible to improve the improvement of 12 thousand villages, where about 5 million people live. In 2021, these programs will be continued, and their financing will be carried out from local and republican budgets in equal shares.

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