The introduction of the "Hokim's Assistants" system will make a marked shift in the policy of combating poverty in our country

The introduction of the

On December 3, 2021, Presidential Decree «On Measures on organization of Activities of Khokims’ assistants on business development, employment and poverty reduction in makhallas» was adopted.

From January 1, 2022, in each mahalla of cities, towns, villages, auls, the position of "khokim assistants" is being introduced for the development of entrepreneurship, employment and poverty reduction.

Family Business Development Programme Loans on the recommendation of the khokim assistants; Subsidies for entrepreneurship, self-employment and employment from the State Fund for Employment and Public Works, the Fund for support of farmers, dehkan farms and landowners, the “Ayollar daftari” Fund, the “Yoshlar daftari” Fund is given.

“The introduction of the “khokim assistants” system will be a turning point in the policy aimed at combating poverty in our country. The reforms adopted by the state at the central level, with the help of hokim assistants, will be implemented, first of all, at the level of regions, districts and mahallas,” said the head of the CERR.

As an example of reforms, Obid Khakimov cited the reforms in China, where a system similar to the system of khokim assistant was introduced to lift the Vulnerable segment of the population out of poverty. “Within the framework of this system, more than 3 million highly qualified personnel had lifted out of poverty about 800 million people, conducted surveys among vulnerable segments of the population, studied the problems of the population and found ways to solve them,” said the director of the CERR.

In addition, the expert cited the New Village program in South Korea as an example. It had previously been reported that a special agency had been established to monitor the activities of 9,309 khokim assistants.

Speaking about the establishment of a new system, Obid Khakimov noted the following:

- Khokim assistants examine each household individually, and for conducting this survey categorized questionnaires have been developed. Questionnaires for surveys differ depending on the conditions and problems of the population.

Today, 30% of households in the country are in need of social protection. The problems of each of these families are approached individually, and road maps are developed taking into account their condition.

if we take an individual family as an example, when the problem of this family is identified, a roadmap that clearly shows what institutions need to be involved and should do in solving the problem is drawn up.

At the national level, 10 trillion sums of soft loans and 2.5 trillion sums of subsidies will be provided for these purposes this year. An average of 1.3 billion sums was allocated to each mahalla to finance the new system. The head of our state set the task for each khokim assistant to create at least one new job every day. At least 30 new jobs will be created every month. Therefore, the population who intends to engage in entrepreneurship will be provided with the information and guidance necessary for entrepreneurship.

For citizens who are not interested in starting their own businesses, khokim assistants will provide unemployed people with jobs or internships in newly created organisations or in investment projects

In conclusion, the head of the CERR noted that a number of indicators are being developed to assess the effectiveness of these reforms. “For example, in each mahalla, a system of indicators is being created, including the level of per capita income or the number of entrepreneurs, and so on. Through this system of indicators the activity of each khokim assistant», - said Obid Khakimov.

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