Think tanks of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan are establishing cooperation

Think tanks of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan are establishing cooperation

On July 15, this year, Director Obid Khakimov met with the Executive Director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications of Azerbaijan, Vusal Afras oglu Gasimli, at the CERR.

The main topics for discussion were the establishment of further bilateral cooperation between the leading analytical centers of the two countries.

Welcoming the guests, the director of the CERR Obid Khakimov introduced about the large-scale transformations initiated by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, as well as plans for the future.

During the meeting, both sides discussed the large-scale transformations being carried out in Uzbekistan, the updated foreign policy of the state, including in Central and South Asia, considered the current state and prospects for further development of cooperation.

Representative of Azerbaijan side noted that the recent changes and reforms implemented in Uzbekistan to improve public administration are very important and timely.

At the same time, the guests expressed a special interest in these studies.

Khakimov presented the research directions of the CERR and the goals and objectives set for it. He stressed that today the Center for Economic Research and Reforms is engaged not only in scientific and analytical activities, but also in such an important area as the Government Accelerator.

The accelerator on the CERR platform is one of the Center's initiatives implemented jointly with partners from the United Arab Emirates on the methodology of Harvard University as part of the program to improve the efficiency of public administration in Uzbekistan.

In turn, Vusal Afras oglu Gasimli spoke about the activities of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications, which was established five years ago by the President of Azerbaijan.

For reference: The purpose of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications (CAERC) of Azerbaijan is to ensure sustainable economic development of the country by conducting analysis and research at the macro - and micro-economic level, to prepare proposals for the implementation of economic reforms and medium and long-term forecasts based on analytical data, to provide state bodies and institutions with forecasts, as well as to organize the promotion of the achievements of the Republic of Azerbaijan in various sectors of the economy.

As the director of CAERC noted, the Center has compiled a strategic roadmap for each of the sectors of the economy, and there are 11 of them, which is one of the main tasks of CAERC today. The second task is to implement the roadmap and evaluate the results.

In addition to the analytical work of CAERC, he is also involved in monitoring state programs in Azerbaijan. The workflow is fully digitalized.

CAERC also monitors the international ratings of Azerbaijan. According to the rating of doing business last year, the country ranked 28th among 190 countries.

Moreover, Vusal Afras oglu Gasimli noted that a special government commission was created by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, within several groups work, which study indicators from doing business to construction according to various points. These groups are called accelerators, there are about 19 of them in Azerbaijan.

He mentined that Azerbaijan is the first country in the world that has fully digitalized the reform process, as well as monitoring of electricity production. The country is among the top ten in terms of economic reforms in doing business.

In addition, a fully digitized and automated market platform called "". Over the past 3 years, this platform has received export orders worth more than 2 billion US dollars. There is no manager on this site, it is completely digitized.

Following the meeting, a preliminary agreement was reached on the establishment of further close cooperation between the think tank centers on the basis of the research program of the CERR and CAERC.

Public Relations Service of the CERR

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