Foreign trade turnover of Namangan region in 2021

Foreign trade turnover of Namangan region in 2021

Foreign trade turnover in Namangan increased by 24.7% in 2021 and accounted for 1089.4 million US dollars. 45.4% of total foreign trade turnover consisted of export operations and 54.6% - of import operations. Exports have increased by 30.0%, while imports have grown by 20.6%.

The value of the regional trade balance turned out to be negative (-100.2 million US dollars) in Namangan, whilst a trade balance with CIS countries was positive.

Analyzing foreign trade trends for 2010-2021 revealed a significant drop in exports in 2011. However, the trend indicates the general growth rate for 2010-2021. Due to the liberalization of monetary policy, imports increased in 2018, and the negative trade balance reached its highest level.

Subregional analysis pointed out that Namangan city (36.9%), Turakurgan (9.6%), Uychi (8.1%), and Kosonsoy districts (6.9%) have a significant share in the regional foreign trade. It was observed that Uchkurgan (3.6%), Chartak (3.5), and Pop (3.04%) districts had a small share of foreign economic activity in 2021.

Fig.1 Total exports and imports by districts of Namangan

Russia (40.85% of total exports) remained the leading trade partner of Namangan for exports in 2021. Other major partners were China (15.28%), Kyrgyzstan (13.97%), Kazakhstan (8.33%), and Turkey (8.10%).

Primary regional export goods consisted of foodstuffs (18.0%) and machinery and equipment (2.0%). Textiles (1.8%), chemical products (1.8%), non-ferrous and precious metals (0.8%), and energy carriers (0.2%) were exported to the 50 countries of the world.

Namangan city remained the primary exporter (30.37% of total exports), Turakurgan's ranking was second (16.37%), and Uychi – third (8.98%). Namangan (4.44%), Pop (2.94%), and Chartak (1.72%) districts' shares of exports were insignificant in 2021.

The primary trade partner in imports to Uzbekistan was China (31.58% of total imports), Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey's shares were 17.30%, 11.29% and 10.94%, respectively.

The majority of the volume of import deliveries consisted of machinery and equipment (34.2%), which decreased by 2.2% compared to 2020.

The share of foodstuffs in total imports was 18.4%, chemical products, non-ferrous and precious metals, and energy carriers were 17.9%, 10.6%, and 2.4%, respectively.

Namangan city was the major importer in the region with 42.39% of the total imports. Uychi (7.28%), Kosonsoy (7.09%), and Chust (7.05%) districts had significant shares of total imports.

The insignificant shares of regional import was observed in districts :Turakurgan (3.96%), Pop (3.13%) and Uchkurgan (1.46%).

Shoiraxon Nurdinova
Center for Economic Research and Reforms

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