Obid Khakimov talked about the essence of the development strategy for 2022-2026 (+video)

Obid Khakimov talked about the essence of the development strategy for 2022-2026 (+video)

We are completing the first Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan which was developed for 2017-2021. As for the results of this Strategy, as an economist, I must say that first of all, our GDP grew by 24% and our industrial output by 34%. If we look at exports of goods and services, they have increased by one and a half times, and we have managed to attract billions of investments into the economy, and as a result, the economic situation in Uzbekistan has changed dramatically. And by continuing these ongoing reforms, we are on the verge of bringing a new Strategy for 2022-2026 for public discussion. This strategy, as the head of our state said in his election programs, includes such ambitious goals as increasing production per capita of the economy from 1,700 US dollars to 2,800 US dollars , or in other words to increase by 60% and at the same time 40% increase in industrial production and attracting hundreds of billions of investments.

As for the economic directions of this Strategy, now we have embarked on a bold path for the next 5 years aimed at increasing the efficiency of our economy, which can become more competitive in the global economy. For example, one of our tasks is to prevent problems with water or climate change, which are really relevant in our region, primarily by increasing energy efficiency in the country, or by increasing labor productivity, introducing water use technologies.The strategy includes not only an increase in per capita income, but also a large-scale program of measures that will support the country's economy and help to find its place in the region and the world economy, as well as increase its competitiveness.

Industry is one of the sectors that has the greatest impetus to increase labor productivity in developing countries. For example, if we look at this industry, then only in the copper processing industry it is possible to implement large-scale projects that have the potential to produce products worth 8 billion US dollars in the next 5 years. We have recently witnessed the expansion of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine or, the launch of our GTL plant in the fuel and energy sector, as well as the implementation of new projects in the chemical industry worth 2.5 billion US dollars, a new cluster of the chemical industry will be implemented. In addition, for example, in the electrical engineering industry, large-scale measures are planned, and now one of the priorities of the economy of our country, which has a comparative advantage, is textiles. In other words, considerable measures will be taken to develop the textile industry. And there was set the goal of doubling the future productivity of the agricultural sector, or the income we get from each hectare in agriculture, and increasing the agricultural sector by at least 5 percent annually on average. These programs have been perfectly co-developed by hundreds of government ministries, agencies and committees. In addition to the fact that each program has been developed in the field of industry or any other field individually.

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