How many women are engaged with scientific research in Uzbekistan

How many women are engaged with scientific research  in Uzbekistan

There are 2,456 women engaged in research in Uzbekistan. This was announced at a meeting of the Senate Committee on Youth, Culture and Sports.

271 women have a doctorate in science (DSc) and 1,411 women have a doctorate in philosophy (PhD).

In 2020-2021, the number of women registered in the Unified Electronic System for the Coordination of Postgraduate Education engaged in research activities is 2,456 people, 1185 women are conducting research in basic doctoral studies, 80 women are in doctoral studies, 964 women are independent researchers (PhD).

In addition, 110 women were registered as independent researchers (DSc), 117 women were recruited as research seniors.

During 2019-2021, 12 billion 141 million 786 soums were allocated from the Fund for Supporting Innovative Development and Innovative Ideas to finance 13 applications received by the Ministry for the implementation of innovative developments and start-up projects of women.

A total of 111 research projects worth 1.7 trillion soums were submitted by women to the competition of practical and innovative projects "Women Scholars Grants" announced by the Ministry of Innovative Development in 2020. According to the results of the preliminary technical examination, 40 projects were approved and 9 projects worth 10 billion 450 million soums were financed.

Improving the system of approbation of master's and doctoral dissertations of women studying in STEAM (Science - Natural Sciences, Technology - Technology, Engineering - Technical Creativity, Art - Art, Mathematics - Mathematics) in public organizations, private companies will give good results.

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